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As part of its Integrated Coordination DCD Reviews Best International Safety Measures Applied at Dubai Mall New Center

2019 11 15 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense Department has reviewed the Best international safety measures and standards implemented at Dubai Mall new shopping center, and highest precautionary measures taken to prevent fire incidents, and protecting  lives and properties, which comes in line with integrated coordination between DCD and Dubai Mall, in all of its expansion being one of the largest shopping destinations worldwide. 

DCD’s team  represents Etihad fire station and led by Captain Fahd Mohammed ALBashri, station‘s deputy director , has reviewed the evacuation set plans, emergency exits and assembly points from the illustrated explanation delivered by Mr. Ahmed Jabber , director of fire safety and emergency response at Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. Also, reviewed the readiness and effectiveness of safety and security procedures applied within the establishment, safety systems efficiency and workers competencies.

2019 11 15 4NA


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