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During Dubai Excellence Program 2020 First Assessment Workshop Almatrooshi Announced: Elites Level is Our Target

2019 10 25 11NA

Dubai Civil Defense HQ hosted the first workshop held to assess Dubai Excellence Program 2020 and chaired by H. E. Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Almatrooshi, which represents the new institutional identity of the program, set to raise challenges ceiling for all governments entities.

Almatrooshi emphasized that Dubai Civil Defense goal is to reach Government performance excellence program’s elites level, adding an integrated plan was set to start the process of updating and developing all the systems, programs and the complete editing, and establishing practical methods to keep abreast with all updates, of the program, to ensure efficient response, excellent and pioneering corporate performance are achieved.

As from next week a series of workshops will begin involving work teams to implement the outcomes of assessment guideline 2020, which will enable us to achieve our set goal.

He indicated, each sector’s director in Dubai Civil Defense will directly be responsible to follow standards implementation process in his respective sector, and to form specialized work teams, as per the guideline and approved criteria, and such guideline should be distributed to all employees.

Whilst, Lady Afaf Jassim, director of Polices and decision support, has previewed guideline assessment main updating points, as part of efforts to improve the institutional performance at different DCD’s levels, set to reach international leadership, and ensuring ongoing improvement and development operations sustainability. She also, demonstrated program main categories, involving “ Basic level”, “ Excellent level” and “ Elite level”, method how evaluation points of each category is calculated, rules of shifting from one level to another, she addressed also, the titles and weights of Dubai Government Excellence program system standards, and enclosed amendments, for example smart government standard, to match Dubai Government trend and strategies towards digital transformation, and increasing accelerators axis’s  allocated weight to become 25% instead of 20%, by lifting 5% from innovative axis to be distributed among accelerators axis standards, and do some  changes to axis’s standards, also adding Emiratization as sub-standard to human resources standard, and change standard title to include Emiratization, to match wise leadership trends towards Emiratization drive, and encourage government entities to double efforts to achieve goals anticipated in this regards, another change done also is splitting the sub-standard “ Finance Department” to become main standard titled “ Financial resources department” in order to foster government entities’ concern about financial efficiency, the process include also changing the standard title  of “ resources and assets department”  to “ Department of financial resources” to include “ assets planning and management” and “ Suppliers relationship management”.

Percentage differences of standards indicators of previous / current weights as per accelerators axis was also explained.

Sharifa Hamad ALMazmi, head of excellence and competitiveness, focused on explaining Dubai Government Excellence program main axis’s with full details, including Dubai Plan2021 standard, main tasks, government services, and digital government, in a bid to achieve Dubai Government goals, visions and strategy, as well as achieving happiness, positivity and society good life quality.

She stressed, such updates aiming at improving institutional performance, adopting ideas and initiatives that keep pace with future needs and ensures better life quality for different community sectors, confirming that work during upcoming period need to double the efforts to reach a level which Dubai Government program aspires to achieve.

ALMazmi emphasized that Dubai Government Excellence program 2020 new phase, carries different methodology, which based on creativeness and innovative motivation, to raise institutional performance level and achieve results and positive impact, for all DCD’s operations across sections and departments, specially our chances to escalate to  Elite level are very great.

Workshop was attended by Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid, assistant director for resources and support services, Brig. Rashid Khalifa, assistant director for smart services, Col. Expert Ali Hassan Almutawaa, assistant director for fire and rescue affairs, Col. Suliman AlBalooshi director of technical affairs department and department’s directors.


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