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DCD Launches “Hayakum” Initiative to Welcome New Recruits

2019 10 10 11NA

An initiative themed “Hayakum” which means welcome was launched by Dubai Civil Defense Department General, as one of Human Resources department initiatives normally unleash to motivate the energy of new recruits, to enable them to start their tasks assigned with full understanding and happy spirit, it also reflect attention it gives to the new comers in different departments and sections, and to support its strategic plans seeking to increase productivity and improving functional satisfaction levels.

Said Initiative first event, set to address firefighters batch  who passed 44 basic training course  , includes introductory demonstration about Human Resources department and the integrated working system applied,  to allow them having as a clear vision,  and strong background on functional and professional track, and ongoing training programs and occupational development, it also includes instilling Civil Defense working values, including justice, integrity, loyalty, team work spirit and community responsibility, and focusing on making the new firefighters  aware of DCD’s strategic goals including complete readiness to respond to crisis and disasters, taking the lead in fire and rescue operations and  ongoing performance improvement. The program was interrupted also by some exercises aiming to teach them work team, method and instill leadership and initiation spirit.

  Legal aspect of the initiative focusses on spreading legal culture among new recruits, to be aware about HR regulations, rights and duties, especially law (6) of 2012, pertaining Dubai Government local military personnel law, functional Behavior principles, personal responsibility and relations between the recruits.

Department of Fire Stations participated also in Hayakum initiative, by delivering a lecture on Fire and rescue sector organizational structure, as well as fire station organizational structure, to enable new recruits carrying out their tasks in the most appropriate way, besides explaining the principles of functional behavior, detailed missions, duty shifts and weekly inspections and SOPs. Other issues discussed include DCD’s message, improving life quality of UAE society through providing smart fire and safety services to protect lives and properties. 

Miss. Nora Almatrooshi, director of Training department emphasized that Hayakum initiative aiming at welcoming the new recruits, whom we are keen to make aware about tasks and roles they should tackle, saying introductory program includes directive training and awarding employee Guide, which contains briefing about DCD’s vision, mission, objectives and its organizational structure and HR procedures. Our department work as per Headquarter polices and trends to merge new teams with other different teams, and creating production motivated working environment in departments and sections.


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