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Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi Director General of Dubai Civil Defence says: Pre- Preparation and Teams Performance Integration. Behind New Year Eve Celebrations Security Committee Plan success

DCD Preparation Teams Performance
The dawn  of 2018 is a chance for us to reconfirm the statement of H.H.Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid ALMaktoum, Vice President and UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai , (may Allah bless and protect him), wrote on the occasion of New Year Eve:

( We are very optimistic about the New Year… about a new journey fill of work and dedication..  about a spirit that takes us to new peaks of success and achievement).

The success that achieved by New Year celebration events security teams, including Civil Defence teams, attributes  to a number of integrated and interrelated factors, among which are:

1-Pre-planning by Civil Defence team, which has set the effective proactive plan that ensures safety and security of all events venues, by providing skilled human force, standby apparatus, and rapid responders.
2-Strong cooperation and integration between government entities protecting the events and EMMAR,Dubai Government media office and other partners has created a safest and tense less environment for guests despite their massive number, cultural and attitude differences.
3-Proffesional implementation of security plan by DCD”s teams, including the conduct of  many drills and inspection tasks at the venues ahead to the event, wide spread of inspection teams in events hosting venues and adjacent premises,  to ensure no potential risks that could threaten public and individual safety in celebrating venues.
4- Individual initiatives of firemen and other stakeholders in event’s venue to facilitate and secure a crowd of one and half million gathered to mark New Year eve around Burj Khalifa.
 5-  Unique and sophisticated cooperation  expressed by the Public to the organizers and security teams of celebration venues.
 6- Creative cooperation between Media coverage teams and security teams reflected in spreading of preventive awareness before and during events.
  All above factors in addition to others  created an integrated system of positive factors that made event security plan a successful one. The World was highly enthralled by New Year Eve stunning LAZER show.


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