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DCD Director General Honors Emirates Guide for Civil Defence Vehicles and Equipments Technical Specification Preparation Committee

Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence honored the committee which has prepared the technical specifications of vehicles and equipments used by Civil Defence under his direct supervision and follow up.

He praised the role of the committee in required data collection. Information analysis and identification and satisfaction of technical standard needs of Civil Defence related vehicles and equipments.

“the importance of this Guide is derived from its inclusiveness of all fire and rescue equipments, personal protective clothes at accident scene and for being a unique initiative in Middle East and Gulf region. National cadres assigned to prepare the Guide were keen to provide particular technical specifications of each vehicle, equipment or apparatus, in addition to technical performance assessment standards of each and measurement fire and rescue teams competencies for using these equipments”. emphasized ALMatrooshi.

He urged also to update these standards in accordance to latest international inventions in Civil Defence vehicles and equipments technology and industry, implementation of technical and administrative methods to identify functional feasibility of each vehicles or equipment, rigorous commitment to apply maintenance and repair schedules to ensure compliance of each one to operational designing standards. Adding, concerned technical committees should select equipment and apparatus according to the specifications and standards set in the Guide. Courses to train technicians to understand and implement Guide contents is very important. Vehicles and equipments are classified as follows:

*Vehicles technical specifications

*Hand tools technical specifications

*Electro-mechanical equipments technical specifications

* Hose reels, accessories technical specifications

*Specialized equipments technical specifications

Committee members honored include Lt.Col. Pilot ExpertHussain Mohammed ALRahoumi, Lt.Col. Pilot Expert Osman Mohammed Ahali, Lt.Col. Suliman Abdullkarim, Ist. Sergeant Major Hassan Ali Mohammed ALihya, Senior translator Mahmoud Abduljwad and Graphic designer Ramesh Chittezhithillam


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