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Maj.Gen.Expert ALMatrooshi Delivers Lecture Titled (Main Enablers of Dubai Civil Defence System Successfulness)

Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence has delivered a lecture at Police Officers Club in Abu Dhabi titled ( The Main Enablers of Dubai Civil Defence System Successfulness), in the presence of Col. Waleed Salem ALShamsi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police College, number of Police officers and 300 college students and trainees.

He focused on his lecture on the importance to have a number of factors such as integration, sustainability, empowerment , development, preplanning and the achievement of minimum standard response time.

He also, pointed out to the specified main enablers which contributed to the success of Dubai Civil Defence system, among which is preventive enablers comprising:

*prepare, issue and implement ( Emirates Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice) as a mandatory reference source for all buildings designing and consultants companies, as per each fire safety activity, this code is classified as one of the latest of its kind in the world.

Beside, issuing legislations which can support Civil Defence procedures..

Such as:

*Federal law No (23) of 2006, pertaining Civil Defence services.

* Cabinet decision No (24) of 2012

* Ministry of Interior decision No (505) of 2012

In addition ,

  • Designing and implementing Smart Buildings system scheme, based on M2M technology, which ensures the reception of alarms from the building by central operations room in just few seconds, and it also ensures fire systems readiness round the o’clock. The scheme targets (52,032) buildings and establishments, out of which (47,510) is already connected, while connection of left buildings is underway.
  • Smart buildings scheme with nominal subscription fees was launched, aiming to cover 80% of the total number of Dubai’s homes estimated at (192,500). Subscription is optional in this stage. Dubai Civil defence has already signed two different MOUS with Zayed Housing Program and Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment to implement this scheme in their new coming up buildings.
  • Applying an electronic program known as smart inductive system, which is installed in fire’s vehicles to guide them to short cut leading to accident scene.

  • Conduct (748 evacuations drill) in the buildings and establishments during 2015, aiming at increasing preventive awareness, raising readiness level and coordination to ensure lives protection. 365,443 persons have benefited from conducted drills. In addition, a plan was set for training watchmen.
  • Implementation of best firefighting operational standards, by applying Standard Operational procedures (SOP’s), as well as optimal investment on Human Resources by conducting training courses and international qualifying.

He also, assessed and analyzed the Address hotel fire accident, indicating the challenges faced, actions taken to respond to, and how it was doused in a shortest time , only two minutes, without any injuries reported. Finally Maj. ALMatrooshri answered all questions raised by attendees.

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