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General Expert Al Matrooshi: Successful Arrival of Emirates Mission to Mars is a Historical Global Scientific Arab accomplishment

2021 02 09 1NA

General Expert Al Matrooshi

Successful Arrival of Emirates Mission to Mars

is a Historical Global Scientific Arab Accomplishment

Proud to express our sincere congratulation to our wise leadership for this historical global scientific Arab achievement, which would not have been possible without its continuous support and kind care extended to strategic sectors, developing competitiveness capabilities of the country in various scientific and technological spheres, including (space) sector, therefore our country was able today to achieve such huge historical accomplishment, the arrival of Emirates “Probe Hope” successfully to The Mars coinciding with the great celebration of  UAE 50th anniversary.

The mission was the first interplanetary mission undertaken by the Arab Islamic nation that will inspire millions of UAE, Arab and Muslim youth in their sustainable scientific journey to explore outer space.

 While hailing this great occasion worth mentioning that the UAE since its inception 50 years ago, is inspired by the clear vision (dream) of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the relentless pursuit to reshaping the future…. as was mentioned in Zayed statement: (We as the Arab nation greatly believed that have a big role to play in project and researches, proud of the substantial progress seen in space sciences, due to the rules set hundreds of years ago by Arab scholars, we hope peace will prevail and human realize the risks threatening them due to tardiness), following the same path our wise leadership has achieved ( future-making projects), stemming from the fact that : ( Our region is a land of Civilizations, exploring, inventing, building and creating the civilization is our fate and destiny). As was stressed by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai (may Allah preserve him).

Thanks to both leaders and the team of scientists and engineers who stood behind this huge project for their prominent role.

We are so confident that with the support of our wise leadership and the efforts of our youth the UAE mission to the Moon in 2024 will find its way.


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