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Gen. Al Matrooshi Says: Government Model to Keep Pace with New Era, Achieves Nation’s Aspirations

5 7 2020 1NA

Seedy H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, May God bless him, has confirmed sometime earlier that, the more lean, resilient, and the faster government is needed, that can respond to the new and different national priorities.

“Who thinks world before and after COVID 19 is similar is no doubt mistaken” added Al Matrooshi.

The government’s new structure announced by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed aims to achieve his vision on our government, “ a government that never stops or takes rest”… a government that provides citizens and expatriates with the best life quality means, like government work high value, in the phase of recovery and returning to normalcy, by introducing new methods, future reshaping tools, superseding governmental traditional tools, reaching out different people, facilitating services to be delivered to them, support their schemes, economic activities and daily routine services, assuring continuity and economic development sustainability.

 CORONA Virus hard experience made us stronger, better, and faster… and has proved that the government team was in the forefront rows; not only in fighting or in responding to the pandemic, but also in maintaining the work and services continuity in the most efficient and effective way, and solid cooperation from different sectors of UAE community.

This performance helped to positively contribute to achieving our strategic goal, to make UAE the best and fastest in recovery and normal life restoration, and capable to cross strongly to the future.



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