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New Year Eve Events Safeguarding Team Reviews Work Plans

2019 12 18 11111NA

In a meeting chaired by Lt. Col. Expert Hussein Mohammed AL Rahoumi, director of fire stations department and in the presence of all directors of fire and rescue stations, New Year Eve celebrations event safeguarding assigned team has reviewed protection plan set to protect the events in emirate of Dubai, including Burj Khalifah site.

Convened meeting addressed security team plan, taking into consideration previous years successful experiences, to enhance security aspects, achieving highest readiness levels, distributing fire teams and squads according to density of audience available in event site,  also identifying vehicles movement routes to ensure they can contribute  effectively in protecting lives and properties. 

AL Rahoumi stressed that Dubai Civil Defense Department has set a complete plan for safeguarding New Year events, all fire stations are highly alerted round the clock, to ensure all emergencies are responded to in most appropriate way, stemming from accumulated experiences of efficiently and effectively safeguarding different events.

Dubai Civil Defense along with its strategic partners work in harmony to maintain the bright image of Dubai in the international arena, as it considered one of the best destinations for millions from worldwide, He added.

2019 12 18 22222NA

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