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Civil Defense Tasks

 1- Federal law No (23) introduced in 2006 specifies Civil Defence role as follows “protection of lives, properties and sources of national wealth during peace & war times and at crisis & emergency situations”.
2- Predict disasters & crisis to prepare required plans to manage, and create & outfit emergency management centers.
3- Prepare risks & disaster protection programs, setting a general alarm system for residents during emergency situations.
4- Form teams needed to carry out response and relief operations and participate in the restoration of life back to normal in affected areas.
5- Prepare evacuation & shelter plans for residents of Dubai.
6- Prepare, outfit, and manufacture tools & types of equipment necessary to sustain Civil Defence operations. 
7- Prepare a joint evacuation training program for both civilians and volunteers. 
8- Conduct preventive awareness programs for community members. 
9- Coordinate assistant & support efforts cater to regional departments.

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