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Brig. Rashid Khalifa ALFalasi, Assistant Director - General of Dubai Civil Defense for Fire and Rescue Affairs, said : We work as one Team under Events Security Committee” to Secure New Year Celebrations

2018 12 31 1NA

Brig. Rashid Khalifa ALFalasi, Assistant Director - General of Dubai Civil Defense for Fire and Rescue Affairs, said

We work as one Team under “Events Security Committee” to Secure

New Year Celebrations

New Year Eve Celebration events, is one of the major activities Dubai Civil Defense used to work every year with other stakeholders, being a permanent member of “Events Security Committee” to safeguard.

Coordination with other Government, Non-Government departments and organizers of event associated activities with one team spirit, begins before three months earlier, according to institutional applications based on teams efficiency and effectiveness, accumulated experiences gained during recent years, investment of events management successful attempts and mobilization achieved during last celebrations.

Working efforts include:

  • Identifying Event /Activity type and size
  • Estimating number of spectators expected to attend each event or activity.
  • Identifying Locations and Facilities to host the events, whether are permanent or temporary?

On the light of the above factors, we make sure safety measure in permanent locations/ establishments are in place as per (Emirates Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice), while in the case of events Temporary locations, engineering drawings are reviewed by DCD’s safety engineers with each site Consultant engineer, to be assured safety measures are implemented.

On the other hand, a team of Dubai Civil Defense inspectors, encompasses specialists from fire and rescue department and Fire safety department was formed. Formed team has set a comprehensive field survey plan covering all these locations, said team started scheduled site visits in the beginning of the last quarter of 2018. Inspection operations launched by the team aims to:

  • Make sure all preventive fire safety measures in all locations and establishments hosting the events and in their vicinity buildings, are implemented as per Emirates Fire and Life safety Code of Practice.
  • Ensure Quality assurance of Locations Storage system, No hindrances to public safety, or that could lead to fire eruption or spreading, or preventing emergency vehicles mobility towards locations and establishments.
  • Ensure efficiency, effectiveness and readiness of all firefighting systems, fire alarms and water supply network of the buildings hosting the events.
  • Make sure fire systems are regularly maintained under annual maintenance contract signed with DCD approved company.
  • Make sure directive signs leading to assembly points are available and clearly displayed.
  • Make sure fireworks are store in safety compliance warehouses, safe transportation means to display sites are provided
  • Evacuations drills are conducted in ample time in all locations expected to host events
  • Make sure buildings in-house safety personnel are well – trained, to promptly respond to fire incidents until Civil Defense fire teams arrived in incident scene, and also ensure the ability to implement safe evacuation during emergency situations.

At the time of event:

Civil Defense specialized teams work jointly with event’s organizers, fireworks and Laser, to ensure procedures are carried out as per safety requirements.

(900)  firefighters will be deployed in to secure the events, out of which (675) will be centered in events locations.

(250) firefighters placed in different fire centers to support other deployed forces. In addition to the volunteers being trained earlier by civil protection department. 

114 fire/ and specialized vehicles are deployed all events locations around Dubai.

We urge all people, for their own safety, to abide by followings:

  • Adhere to Individual/Public safety instructions set by “Events Security Committee” in accordance to Civil Defense Stipulations.
  • Smoke in allocated areas only
  • Observe safe distances identified by organizers entities.
  • To fully cooperate with fire and emergency squads while moving among the public and around the sites.

In the end, we express our deepest thanks and appreciation to the Head and Members of Events Security Committee, specially our strategic partners (Dubai Police, Dubai Ambulance Corporation, RTA) for their valued role in preparing and implementing Events security plan. 

Also, our thanks are extended to “EMMAR”, MERAS”, ALFATUM GROUP” and JUMERIAH GROUP, for their sincere cooperation and support for DCDs Safety Plan for Events Locations.

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