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In recognition of Dubai Civil Defence commitment to Excellence and Innovation, Mr. David Etheridge,Elected President of CFOA and Chief Fire Officer of Oxford Shire Fire and Rescue Service, has awarded His Excellency Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi, International Excellence and Innovation Medal during the inauguration ceremony of Excellence and Innovation Forum, held today morning in Dubai. Senior officers from Dubai Civil Defence and UK officers were attended. Maj.Gen. Expert ALMatrooshi is first Fire Chief outside UK to receive this Medal worldwide, for his strategic vision to upgrade fire services, distinguished accidents management role, including Address Hotel fire accident on Christmas eve.

In his inaugural speech delivered Mr. David confirmed:
Conducting this forum here in Dubai comes to express the appreciation of CFOA and UK Fire and Rescue Authority, supported by Ministry of International Cooperation in UK, for Dubai Civil Defence showed commitment towards excellence and innovation standards and applications in the fields fire suppression, rescue, accidents management and implementation of latest technology in delivering Civil Defence services, and for its leading position in setting strategies, best practices and innovations in the field of protection and Firefighting, where society believe it deserve to be shared by all fire departments across the Globe.

Hence, CFOA and UK Fire and Rescue work tirelessly to enhance their cooperation and coordination with DCD, to embed the concepts and application of excellence in Fire and Rescue teams performance achieved in Dubai and can be transfer to other countries, exchange of information and expertize and sustainability of joint work for the mutual benefit of both sides.

Then Gen. Expert ALMatrooshi delivered a Speech saying:
Department of Dubai Civil Defence is always keen and committed to partake in all conferences and forums focusing on innovations, whether relates to services, operations, policies, systems or technologies etc. I truly believe, innovations no doubt will have genuine impact on the improvement of fire and rescue profession. Since this profession, is highly dedicated to protect lives and properties, require sustainable and fast respond moves to all demands, particularly in today’s world that changes rapidly in all walks of life.

We endeavor to reshape future through implementing the sophisticated Nano technology in fire suppression, minimization of its effects and mitigation of losses in lives and properties, at the same time by doing so seeking to change fire and rescue concepts and applications. Professionals and experts are involve to analyze fire and rescue needs in a varied technological circumstances, and to face ground challenges, and to assess firefighters developing abilities, and to propose innovative solutions for potential problems, as well as meeting different requirements of our highly risk profession to serve its noble ends.

And as a part of our efforts for succeeding the vision, we launched the Global (Fire safety Innovation Award), to form a smart platform to receive all innovations from local and international fire experts, universities students, Global fire safety concerned entities. Award aims to enhance the spirit of innovation, translating researches and scientific concepts into applicable projects, and to assimilate local and international expertise and knowledge and encouraged in UAE.

From this platform, we inviting all of you and the other members of your association, and all those who are concern with fire and rescue sciences and applications to participate in this Fire safety Innovative Award.

Ladies and Gentlemen,,
As we shared the passion to enhance cooperation within the fire profession across the globe, we assured our commitment to coordinate and cooperate for mutual benefit’s, understanding of expertise, innovations attraction for the greater good of protecting lives, properties, wealth and environment.

At the end, wishing you forum all the success, our valued guest good stay and Sustainable cooperation and coordination among all.

After speech was delivered, Maj.Gen.Expert ALMatrooshi and Mr. David awarded Washington Hall Fire Training College graduates Fire Diploma certificates and appreciation decorations, being the first group of Fire Officers in Gulf region to receive these decorations.

Then Mr. Steve Hamm Chairman of Fire Engineers society announced that Dubai Civil Defence and its fire Officers were awarded associate membership of the society. He also awarded the Fellowship of the society to Col. Rashid ALBuflasa, Assist Director General for Fire and Rescue, for Dubai Civil Defence role played in transfer and exchange expertize with Civil Defence Authorities.

Later He demonstrated Fellowship program to Dubai Civil Defence Officers.

Then, they together announced the opening of the Society main branch For Middle East and Gulf region here in Dubai.

Followed by a brief introduction about the Society’s role and its professional commitment towards Dubai Civil Defence, presented by Mr. Ian Moore Chairman of Fire Industry Association.

Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Civil Defence and Chief Fire Officers Association was signed as well by Maj.Gen. Rashid ALMatrooshi and David Etheridge, which addresses technological changes, fire and rescue profession needs and methodologies, Future reshaping, meeting innovation environment needs. Mr. John Bony, chairman of National Resilience, who represents NFPA in UK, was present during the signing ceremony.

As is well known, Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) combines all Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) across UK, to enhance effectiveness of services for the benefit of the whole community. It represents the profession common vision through its deep-rooted relationship with higher Fire and rescue Department..

CFOA is dedicated to embed the safe community requirements to ensure protection of people and locations against potential risks. In addition to its prime role in country development.

Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi, Director general of Dubai Civil Defence Department, has confirmed that Flag Day celebration which is conducted every year under the theme” Hoist it up to remain high” symbolizes the immortal accomplishments achieved by generations that delivered a role  model in sustainable economic and social development, and Human prosperity, same march will continue to achieve more brighter future, under the wise leadership that always strives to enable its nation to play its creative and positive role on internal and external arenas.

“ Flag symbolizes national identity and true belonging to the homeland, and expresses the glorious meaning of peace, justice and tolerance, UAE unlimited bounty to other nations of the world, and symbolizes also unity and cohesion of our federation, and reflects our country advancement in various economic and civilizational fields, and the sense of safety and security enjoyed by citizens and expats alike”

He added.
We are fully committed to the vision of H.H.Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid ALMaktoum :

( Our flag is the symbol of our strong unity… our responsibility is to raise it high to express our progress and dignity among other nations…. Such role will double our responsibility each from his position to accelerate his efforts… and work seriously to safeguard and protect our achievements…and to be inspired by our glorious flag to achieve more progress in different fields).

He added:
Celebrating the Flag day is to renew loyalty to the wise leadership, belonging to the beloved homeland, and symbolizes the image of Emiratis who work day and night to make their country a role model in development and happiness of its people, a day where flags are raised high and proud in the skies of houses.

Department of Dubai Civil Defence Headquarters today at 11:00am has unanimously celebrated Flag Day with great fervor and joy, Flag was hoisted in all fire stations in the presence of fire stations directors.

Present during the central event were Brig. Ahmed Obaid ALsayegh,Assit.Director General for Fire Safety and Protection affairs, Col. Rashid ALBuflasa,Assist Director general for Fire & Rescue affairs,Col. Gamal Bin Aa’dad, Assist Director General for Resources & Support Services, Lt.Col. Ali Hassan Almutawa. Assist.Director for Smart Services and senior officers and Civil employees.

Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi has confirmed Dubai Civil Defence strategy set to safeguard Handicapped People. This strategy comes in line with the steps taken to achieve the initiative “my community is a place for all” Launched by H.H.Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid ALMaktoum, Dubai Crown Prince, aiming to reach a handicapped friendly community, and to convert Dubai into a fully handicapped environmentally friendly by 2020, through certain projects and programs which aim to maximizing the participation and integration of this important category into the society, and to eradicate hindrances that could prevent their smooth integration into their social circumference, as creative and productive members.

“ Being a partner in ongoing human and civilizational development our country witnesses and stressing on the strategic importance of protection of lives and properties which is the core business of Dubai Civil Defence, we have started to implement informative and training plan for all fire and rescue teams on skills they should acquire in order to deal with people with special needs during fire emergencies, in addition to preventive awareness programs to be deliver to them” he added.

Proposed intensive training plan will takes two months to train 1142 fire and rescue men from 18 fire stations, plus Headquarters’ staff. First stage of the plan contains different axes including; strategies and skills of direct communication with different types of handicapped people. In addition, special knowledge of the nature of the essential ideas and feelings required to deal with them, handicapped daily challenges, and disability misconceptions which should be avoided are also covered. Plan include as well, different scenarios and examples on how to handle special needy people in risky environment, and potential field difficulties that might arise while rescuer is handling disable during fire or other emergency.

Later, Gen. ALMatrooshi explained:
The DCD’s plan is integrated to ensure the safety of handicapped people during emergencies is achieved, based of the principle of cooperation with Handicapped rehabilitation department at Ministry of Community Development, and on the highlight of its training program, and on our accumulative experience gained from the joint work with Handicapped rehabilitation centers in other emirates, and fire safety requirements which are mastered by fire and rescue men.

We are fully aware about the necessity of teaching fire and rescue men the skills and techniques of effective communication with handicapped people as a pre-step to enable them rendering their rescue services to people with special needs.

The plan which is proposed to train fire and rescue teams on communication skills with people with special needs, ways to rescue them from risk sites, is considered one of the components of the sustainable plan to train Civil Defence fire stations firefighters and within the curriculum of Emirates Academy for Civil Defence Sciences’ basic courses.

As we believe, Disable person is indigenous part of the society, we need to know the best methods to communicate with him during normal conditions and emergency situations, where he will be under fear feeling pressure from fire and any other life threating risks. Therefore, disable rescue skills must be perfectly mastered.

His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Ballhoul , State Minister for Education Affairs received at his office His Excellency Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence accompanied by Lt.Col. Expert Ali Hassan Almutawa, Assist. Director for Smart Services, in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim ALMualla, Ministry Undersecretary for Academic Affairs, Undersecretary Dr. Samir ALSmahi and Eng. Amal Alighieri Minister’s Advisor.

Dr. Ballhoul has confirmed, in the beginning of the meeting, the central strategic role of the ministry of higher education, and the importance of integrating the efforts of all public and private organizations managing different economic, community and services sectors with ministry’s strategy to prepare and qualify successive generations to take their positive role in building the nation, as per the valiant leadership and Global competitiveness index in learning, education, human development sector, including updating Curriculum and educational concepts in such a way to enhance innovation and creativity environment and nurtured innovators.

Then, His Excellency Maj.Gen. Expert urged the Ministry to support Dubai Civil Defence innovative drive, in particular its ( Emirates Fire safety Award),first of its kind to be internationally launched, as an important scientific and academic assessor of the Award.

“ Our aim is to motivate , support and nurture innovative and creative students, unveiling their innovative ideas and convert into productive schemes…Civil Defence will give the winners chance to implement and promote their innovations, share some portion of the product selling price. Also, help to display these innovations in international conferences and scientific forums, since the competition is open to participants from across the globe, including universities students. Award scientific evaluation will be carried out by local and international experts. General ALMatrooshi then briefed HE.Dr. Ahmed about Dubai Civil Defence trend to qualify UAE male/female to become safety engineers, to meet the needs of rapid urbanization growth for safety engineers, to ensure governance of safety measures in all buildings is in place. Graduated fire safety engineers will be send to UK for further studies, Dubai Civil Defence will bear the cost and later recruit them”, added General Rashid.

State Minister Said:
“Most important is to have some entities to support innovative ideas and convert into applicable projects, also indicated Colleges of Technology are most appropriate places to host this new fire safety specialization”.

Then, He issued his directive to form a team work , to be chaired by H.E. Academic Affairs Undersecretary , Dr.Mohammed Ibrahim AL Mualla, to coordinate with Civil Defence representative Lt.Col. Expert Ali Hassan to study:

  • Emirates Fire Safety Award, ways and how ministry of Education can be involved.
  • Mechanism to introduce and invite universities students to participate in the Award.
  • Setting articles of MOU between DCD and SMFHEA, including specific methods of sustainable joint cooperation.

Scientific capabilities to fire safety engineering stream to pertinent engineering streams in local universities.

Sunday, 16 April 2017 04:41

DCD and Huawei collaborate

Written by

MoU kicks off strategic Smart City collaboration as Dubai Civil Defence turns to innovation to ensure Dubai is the safest, smartest and happiest city in the world

Dubai, UAE – XX April 2017: Dubai Civil Defence and Huawei today announced a historic MoU to collaborate on a number of ICT initiatives that will lead to the creation of a next-generation, Smart City infrastructure for the safety, security and happiness of Dubai’s inhabitants. The MoU was signed during Huawei’s Global Safe City Summit, being held in Dubai on 26 and 27 April, 2017, which brings more than 400 global public safety and security stakeholders to the UAE to share experiences, insights and successes during the two-day event.

Huawei will work with Dubai Civil Defence to develop solutions for a next-generation Smart City ICT infrastructure that leverages cloud computing and cloud data centers, software-defined networking (SDN), big data, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), unified communications, intelligent video surveillance and other smart city technologies.

“As per the new Smart Dubai 2021 initiative announced by His Highness Skeikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Dubai Civil Defence is collaborating with Huawei to assess its current Smart City readiness and create a roadmap for accelerating its ICT development to meet the objectives of the Smart Dubai 2021 initiative,” said Colonel Expert Ali Hassan AlMutawa, Assistant General Manager for Smart Services, Dubai Civil Defence.

Under the new Smart Dubai 2021 initiative, Dubai inhabitants will be able to access hundreds of Dubai government services through a new portal, paving the way for a 100 percent digital future, with Dubai government going completely paperless in its transactions by 2021.

“Huawei is proud to build on its ongoing commitment to Dubai government through this MoU with Dubai Civil Defence, which will see both parties collaboratively develop safe and smart city solutions that leverage Huawei’s global expertise in smart city deployments,” said Alaa ElShimy, Managing Director for ME Enterprise Business Group at Huawei. “Smart Dubai 2021 initiative sets a powerful precedent for other governments around the world to follow, and clearly demonstrates the broad vision of Dubai’s leadership for the improvement of the quality of life for its people and humanity as a whole.”

Dubai Civil Defence is turning to innovation for the development of its e-Services which provides online service access to vendors, contractors and business partners to support their efficient operations and provide them with the resources needed to align with Dubai’s Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice.

“Dubai Civil Defence is committed to delivering service excellence to the leadership and people of Dubai, and we are confident that we will do so with distinction by harnessing the most advanced innovation available, to make Dubai the smartest, safest, happiest city in the world,” added Col. Expert Ali Hassan AlMutawa.

This year’s Huawei’s Global Safe City Summit theme, ‘Leading new ICT, The Road to Collaborative Public Safety’, highlights the importance of collaboration in developing safe city technologies that meet the needs of the numerous stakeholders involved, allowing them to provide a more efficient, coordinated response effort through an open, accessible ICT ecosystem.

Huawei draws on its global Safe City expertise where its solutions are critical to the public safety and protection of over 400 million people in more than 100 cities across 30 countries. Huawei will demonstrate its leadership in safety prevention and response across four key areas, which include social security and unrest, accident disaster, public health and natural disaster.

In line with direct strategic of fire stations performance field assessment, inspection and follow up committee at DFP Annual assessment Launched chaired by Brig. Ahmed Obaid ALSayegh ,Assist. Director for fire safety, escorted by deputy committee chairman Col. Rashid Khalifa ALbuFalasa, Assist. Director for Fire & Rescue began their visits to stations to conduct institutional and individual performance assessment, including officers, warrant officers and the civil employees.

“ Adherence to assessment methods as per excellence and quality standards, reviewing and improving applications on the light of centers and teams performance field assessment is very important. Field and administrative training must be given special priority, since human force efficiency, skills, discipline and initiatives are deemed essential to ensure the plans success, and the way to have institutional and individual sustainable development and fundamental aspect to enhance achievements and improve the performance”ALSayegh confirmed.

Assessment process includes performance and results level of the annual plan implemented in each fire station based on fire and rescue department main annual plan set in 2015 following same year assessment . Assessment program comprises fire stations’ projects and activities in the following areas:

* Administrative development

*Operations results and SOPs implementation level

*Training programs terms and applications

* Measurement indicators results as per the strategic standards

* Display initiatives and projects of each station

* Skills to use Personal equipments and maintain their readiness

*Equipment’s sustainability and readiness level


On behalf of myself and Dubai Civil Defence ‘s staff ,we bitterly mourn the martyrdom of constellation of Emiratis who harness themselves to serve the weak and people in need around the world.

“The people of UAE and all humanitarians in the rest of the world are proud of our heroes who died for the sake of humanity, our nation won’t deter from walking the path of giving and charity”.

“We pray to Allah almighty to bestow mercy and forgiveness upon them. May those who were injured recover swiftly, and preserve and safe our nation and leadership, God willing”.

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